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Why Adenosine Is A Power Ingredient

Why Adenosine is a power ingredient
The skincare and cosmetic industry is constantly innovating and it can get overwhelming to keep track of it. The current star ingredient in skincare that is generating buzz is ATP -Adenosine triphosphate. But what exactly is ATP and who is this ingredient for?
What is ATP?
ATP - Adenosine triphosphate is an anti-aging serum. The best way I can simplify ATP is that it is an energy source found in our bodies. In our body Adenosine is one of the building blocks of RNA (ribonucleic acid). RNA is critical to our lives as it carries our genetic information just like DNA but is also involved in the synthesis of protein.
Adenosine is the energy source for RNA and has become popular due to its anti-aging effects.
Why is ATP?
ATP is extracted from yeast for a larger and more concentrated amount.
ATP has the potential of reducing the production of free radicals. By doing this it potentially aids in slowing down the aging process. This is where you see improvements in fine lines, wrinkles as well as a reduction in inflammation. 
Who should be using ATP?
If you are looking for a preventive measure for ageing skin or if you already have
mature skin. Adenosine in your skincare is an ingredient that recharges your skin batteries allowing your skin to power up and maintain all the protein processes that are key to plump, youthful skin.
Is it necessary to include in your skincare routine? And if yes, how?
It is a great ingredient to add into your regime if you are focused on anti-aging & prevention.
The best form of the ingredient is in a serum as it tends to be more concentrated as opposed in a face cream. The serum can be used in your night routine allowing it to work its magic while you sleep.
If you are interested in including ATP into your skincare routine, our J's Derma Returnage RG Ampoule is the perfect serum to add into your regime.
J's Derma
J's Derma
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