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Glowing Skin: How to Look Younger Naturally

Glowing Skin: How to Look Younger Naturally

The secret to aging beautifully is to age naturally. Creams and fillers full of chemicals and artificial ingredients seek to cover the signs of aging, and can dull the skin and dim your glow. Instead, maintaining a healthy life and supporting your skin organically, from the inside out, celebrates your natural beauty and keeps you looking younger for years to come.

Here are some natural ways to protect your skin and preserve your beauty:

  • Stay hydrated: Statistically, women in the UAE don't drink enough water to stay healthy. But hydration isn't just important for healthy functioning of the organs and circulation; water is essential for healthy skin and hair. Adequate hydration nourishes and plumps skin cells, reducing fine lines and the signs of aging, and boosts hair growth and strength. Water is the perfect, all natural anti-aging secret, so make sure you drink enough of it. Experts recommend 30-35 ml of water per kilo of body weight every day.
  • Protect your skin from the sun: Especially in harsh desert climates, sun protection is essential. Harsh UVA and UVB rays can even penetrate some fabrics and clothing, prematurely damaging and aging the skin. Use a daily sun protector regardless of the weather or your clothing, to maintain your glowing skin. The lightweight, non-greasy formula of Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence is naturally healing and protecting, and gentle enough to use every day.
  • Get good sleep: A staggering 90% of UAE residents don't get enough sleep, and women are more sleep deprived than men. The body's natural healing and restoring processes are disrupted when we don't get enough sleep, preventing the collagen production the skin needs, and contributing to facial lines and puffy eyes. "Beauty sleep" isn't a myth, so make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Moisturize: Before turning in for a good night of sleep, it's smart to apply a deep moisturizer to your face. Letting the product penetrate and heal your skin all night helps you wake up to a youthful glow. Try the Mi Rebotica Nourishing Anti-Aging Stem Cell Cream for lasting moisture that fights the signs of aging.

Following these tips isn't just good for your skin, but good for your whole body, and being healthy and happy is what makes a woman age beautifully. Contact us for more ways to fight aging naturally.

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